A fast, easy and flexible tool for high quality Value Stream Mapping.

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Create value streams faster

Faster value stream mapping

LEANPILOT is designed with a focus on fast value stream mapping. Predefined symbols and process groups as well as the intuitive user interface will accelerate your workflow.

Create nicer value streams

Create nicer value streams

Beautiful designed symbols, fully customizable text fields and helpers like an underlaying grid and context sensitive guides let you create perfectly looking value stream maps.

Start immediately – more intuitive tool

Start immediately – more intuitive tool

Every symbol tells you, what you can do with it – exactly when you need it.

LEANPILOT is made with a strong focus on an intuitive user interface. This allows you to start with your work immediately and saves you the time you would spend in reading documentation.

Office and Production – the most powerful swim lanes

Admin and production – mix both worlds for a complete view

Mix office and production symbols. Choose from a complete set of symbols and work with intelligent swim lanes. Place them once and watch them adapt themselves the way you want them to adapt.

Standalone – no Visio or Excel needed

Standalone – no Visio or Excel needed

There is no other software needed to work with LEANPILOT from creation to print. If you however want to use your value streams in other applications we provide an export function to a wide range of file formats like svg, wmf, pdf or various image formats. This enables you to use your value streams in any other office application to make presentations or just to distribute them.

Complete Set of all Symbols you can imagine

Complete set of all symbols you can imagine

You will find all symbols you can imagine for office and production value stream mapping. As an addition you can import your own images or svg graphics just by dragging them to the drawing canvas.

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